Future Now

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2017 here 7

Laser jet print, 28 pages, 8.5" x 11"

Yale MFA Thesis

2017 here 6

Video, sound, 2min 14sec

2016 empty waves 5
Ice Crystals

Video, sound, 2min 12sec

2016 ice crystals 4
Empty Waves

Video, sound, 1min 24sec

2016 empty waves 3
Cloud Break

Video, sound, 1min 7sec

2016 empty waves 2
I Fell Into the Sea

Ink jet print, 24" × 36" & vector graphic

for Linda Van Deursen & Karel Martens

2016 empty waves 1

Chris Rypkema lives and works in New York and holds an MFA from Yale.

Client projects and commercial work available upon request.

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